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Re: Inspiron 1100 Memory Upgrade Questions

I was wondering why people seemed to have so many problems with upgrading memory on the 1100. Mine went smoothly. Then I read up to talebearer's post. Just by luck I had purchased  a single 512MB PNY DDR SODIMM memory card to boost me up to a solid Gigabyte. I bought the machine used, running at 640MB. I ditched the 128MB and plugged in the second 512MB. It booted right up and ran fine with the 1Gig confirmed. The boot-up went noticeably faster, too. I guess the machine is just very choosy in what memory it accepts. All I can say is, stick with PNY!

Certian brands of chips do not function properly in the Inspiron 1100.  They may cause the computer to behave erratically. Chip manufacturers set different standards in their manufacturing processes and their programming  techiniques may vvary causing sllght differences in the operation of their chips. As I previously had experienced with this problem I will check my laptop and let you know the brand to use. You should use PNY DDR SODIMM chips.


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