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Problem with the DirectX Video Window

my laptop : Windows Vista Basic , inspiron 6400.

I have a big problem to watch video from a study CD.    Recently, I inserted a CD which it starts running in the CD-rom then turn on the menu about this video.  When I clicked to play the video, it shows a black content in the small window.    Another one which can install the software from the CD but still can not watch the video. There is 2 options to choose  and  play it ' use Direct X9 video mode'  or  ' use compatibility video mode' . But both of them don't play the video and pop up ' There was a problem with the DirectX Video Window.'   Both CD works on my friends' XP system laptoop but not my Vista.

I have tried to download and install some software , such as DirectX9 but it doesn't help at all . So I don't know if you have any better suggestions please .

Thank you very much


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