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Re: Mini 9 Dead ...again

I've been having a similar issue with my mini 9 (Win xp, 1gb ram, 8gb hd). It started out every once and a while i would put it in sleep mode, or turn it off for a while, and when i open the top and turn it on, the led indicator comes on but the screen doesnt start and i don't think i cant hear the hard drives going. It didn't happen often, and i could usually just turn it off and back on and it would work properly, but it's progessively gotten worse to where it takes a good 30 minutes or so of fooling around with it, turning it off and back on, re - setting the battery, opening and closeing the lid, and then, if i'm lucky, i can get it to turn on for me. I've tried leaving it to charge for a couple days without messing with it, and it still usually gives me the same problem. I havn't contacted dell yet because it's just gotten to the point of being intolerable, and their online customer support isn't available at the moment.. I am extremely dissatisfied,  and I hosnestly wish I had waited to see acers new 'mini's with the same specs as the mini 9, but with a 160 gb hard drive for $20 less than the mini 9.

Hopefully dells customer support can get this straightened out, but it might be better off just being a $300 door stop.

Sorry i don't have any suggestions for you Richard.

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