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Inspiron 1545 - Random clicking/popping noises

I've downgraded my Inspiron 1545 to XP Pro and I've successfully installed the drivers that I need (at least I think so!).

All of a sudden I hear a single clicking/popping noise while browsing the hard drive. And it got more frequently. I was told it might be the audio driver but I've reinstalled it and its still happening. It only tends to happen if I'm doing something with the hard drive so I have a feeling it might be coming from the hard drive itself rather than the speakers. I've muted the speakers and it is still happening.

I do not hear it so much when listening to music or playing a video but that might be because I cannot hear it over the sound already playing. The sound plays fine. There is no crackling noise and no distortion.

Does anyone have any suggestions to what this might be and how I can fix this or if Dell will take my laptop in to find what it is.


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