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Re: Help! My new Dell Studio XPS 13 Laptop keeps on freezing up!

Hi everyone,

I'm back, after originally seeming to fix this pile of poo of a laptop by reinstalling the os as support had directed me several times, and I have to say the support centre are useless, I was so annoyed and angry that I didn’t post what I had done or how bad support were because I had wasted so much of my time, I bought this machine as I am an IT consultant and thought it would be a great product, one of my account managers told me it would be, ha.

To fix the problem initially and prove it was a dell driver issue I reinstalled the OS from the recovery partition (for the 4th time) I left the machine on my desk and just used it without connecting it to a network or installing anything else, for a working day (it did not freeze once) then I did windows updates and no dell updates (again left it for one day), still no freezing or hanging...yeah. I then did the dell discovery thing to do the auto updates, less than 2 mins later my machine hung, at least I had narrowed it down.

 I then went through the whole thing again except I manually downloaded the dell updates (looking in device manager to make sure dell had posted the right drivers for the hardware, I don’t think dell’s site is correct) to a USB drive and manually installed only the hardware updates and recommended or urgent (can’t remember terminology on site), then hey presto it worked and I had no problems, I think I can say I proved it was a dell update, I had support telling me it was a windows update problem or a software problem and they would charge me to fix it, I refrained from swearing.

I now have the same problem and more, after recently doing an update (from the dell web site) I keep getting either a freezing laptop or the BSOD (BSOD is a power_driver can’t remember rest except it talks about uninstalling any hardware I have just installed, guess what I haven’t installed any) or the hard drive thrashing all of the time with the fan thinking it’s an air conditioning unit turned onto hot. Again I did some of my own testing and when I uninstalled the network driver, the problem seemed to fix itself (so far), well not quite the hard drive is still thrashing.

I can only surmise, don’t buy a dell product, if you have a problem, and I think that this is par the course with computers because they are not fool proof, you will not get the support you need.

BTW, and to give you an idea where I am coming from as I noticed that dell people also try and help on this forum, I also commissioned a high end dell equallogic solution costing over 100K, and guess what I had the same sorts of issues.

It’s about time dell started listening to their clients, and put a product out that worked out of the box, so many of the other manufactures can do it.

 I think you can tell I am annoyed again.


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