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Re: Help! My new Dell Studio XPS 13 Laptop keeps on freezing up!

2 engineer visits this week plus one missed visit as he hadn't got the parts (today he admitted he was literally on my doorstep before he realised he didn't have them yesterday!). It did take me over a week of badgering tech support to convince them to send out an engineer at all though.

What wasn't perhaps clear from my previous post was that the visit today did result in the replacement of the motherboard, hard drive and some of the cooling systems. It was just the fan on the graphics card that was missed through being the incorrect part. The engineer also did the OS and driver installs himself so I'd expect them to be done right.....and it still died. I did have to show him how to enter the service tag in the BIOS though which is a little concerning. Even the guy he had to call to find out how to do this didn't know! Nice guy though - professional, courteous and punctual. It's not his fault the hardware's bobbins.

All-in-all, given the fact that there's now very little of this machine that hasn't been replaced, I'm of the opinion that there's an inherent design fault rather than being a single hardware issue.

As an aside, when will Dell list the drivers that need to be installed in the order they actually need to be installed in?! Where's the sense in putting them in any other order?! If something HAS to be installed first, put i at the top of the list - don't make us wade through all the help files first. The one that absolutely has to be installed first is about 13th on the list and you can't find that out without clicking each link and reading the installation instructions for every single one up to that point unless you've done it several times before and can remember which one it is! Absolutely senseless piece of software design.

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