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Re: Help! My new Dell Studio XPS 13 Laptop keeps on freezing up!

3 questions:

Where are we supposed to get A07 if Dell have taken it off the site?

Why are Dell releasing unstable BIOS's?

Is your experience purely your experience or have you had someone from Dell confirm that A08 is unstable?


@Bill - I've sent you a PM but heard nothing back....

A07 is available if you go to the A08 download and click the link Other Versions to the right of the version number.

No idea why Dell would be releasing an unstable bios. My guess is that Dell is just not doing enough beta testing and therefore releases it to us thinking it will solve the issues. Then they get feedback and have to release another version just as quickly. I've also heard that they've had so many issues with this line that Best Buy here in the US is no longer selling this model.

This is purely my expierence with A08. It crashed my computer (the screen went black - the computer would not respond to keystrokes - the hard drive light was lit up but I wasnt able to get the computer to respond - had to manually shut it down by holding down the power button). With A07 I had 1 time in the last three weeks where it crashed. I installed A08 yesterday and had it crash 4 times last night after installing it. All I was doing was browsing the internet. Seems like the same issue from before.

Dell owner for about 7 years.

PC: Dell 8400 / Laptop: Studio XPS 1340

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