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Re: Help! My new Dell Studio XPS 13 Laptop keeps on freezing up!

Do me a favour and try something - remove the nVidia drivers and let the system revert to default VGA drivers. I'll be willing to bet it won't hang. Of course it's completely pointless having a tasty graphics card if you don't have the drivers to push it but I'm pretty sure it's something to do with the nVidia drivers and/or hardware. Of course it could also be the synergy of those and the BIOS but you can't get rid of that so get rid of the other.

May as well be a 1000 dollar paper weight then. I use it mostly for gaming so it has to have to the nVidia drivers. I'll probably end up reverting to A07 until they come out with A09 then ill try that.

I have read that other people have done the driver by driver install to see if it hangs and they seem to have the most issues when they install drivers for the Bluetooth and the nVidia drivers. I'm guessing the most of the hang up is in the nVidia drivers.

Dell owner for about 7 years.

PC: Dell 8400 / Laptop: Studio XPS 1340

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