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Re: Help! My new Dell Studio XPS 13 Laptop keeps on freezing up!


I am yet to do the basic diagnostic... the reason being many have already told in this thread that it was just waste of time as it showed that everything is OK. Meantime, what is did is, I updated the Nvidea driver to the latest version as told by @DELL-Bill B (

I have not done anything to the BIOS yet because my laptop already came with A07 BIOS version. Since ppl in this thread are speaking of unstabilities with A08, I have not installed that.

Now I am waiting... Hope things will get better for me. Else, I am going to call the tech support!! 🙂

I didnt not down the error code... But it said that the error is something to do with the USB mass storage driver. I wonder how. Because, I had no USB connected to laptop except my external mouse!

Cheers, NoeL

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