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I had this problem too, and a friend made a wild suggestion that worked.

BACKGROUND:. I have 2 identical D830's that failed the same way within days of each other. Each had a Seagate 7mm drive in the drive slot. Nothing was being recognized. But, both drives were proven good using a USB interface on another computer (i.e. offboard HDD drive case).  Even brand new Seagate 1TB 7mm drives failed to recognize for Windows or Ubuntu.

I was suspecting the SATA connector wasn't working right, because testing with a 9mm HDD (Hitachi, WD) both worked, booting fine.  And, the connector appears soldered onto the motherboard.

SOLUTION: My friend casually mentioned sticking some foam tape on the drive near the connector to keep it tight. so I did, and believe it or not both computers, and both drives, came back to life the same way. So the solution was 5-cents worth of thin (2mm) 2-sided foam tape with a piece of hard packaging plastic on the top sticky edge to avoid it sticking once inserted.

Sounds weird, but it's true. All these problems people have may be due to the shifting of the SATA connector on the Motherboard, and a bit more tension is all that is needed to get a firm electrical connection. Could be from being dropped, or bouncing around during shipping (my situation) or blind luck. Don't forget those screws to hold it in, though!! Pretty important.

Hope this solution works for you too!

Don M

Vancouver, Canada

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