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Re: Dissapointed: Dell's warranty parts are refurbished

I am very angry that 9 months after having spent my hard saved cash on a fairly high spec 'Brand New' Vostro 410 with upgrades etc the Monitor back light packed up...I am from the UK and so expect UK rights of replacement as new...instead I took delivery of a refurbished old dusty monitor covered in finger prints over the screen and case....

This is VERY POOR SERVICE IMO....what happened to my consumer rights? how long will it last before this old used monitor packs up? It must be a Dell Con to get people to buy extended warranties as Dell cannot guarantee any of its kit to last 12 months let alone years....perhaps I should have bought a £300PC and threw it away every year rather than a better more expensive PC which I would have expected to last longer without faults or at least to have monitor replaced with new monitor.

By comparison, I did not buy a new car to expect it to just last a year and if the car had a fault such as a engine noise the garage would not replace it with an old worn out but working engine rather than a brand new one with lots of life left to run...same thing does not matter one jot about small print....I have bought about 20 Dell PC's for home/work and this has opened my eyes and will make me think twice about parting with my hard earned cash to Dell again....

Buyers beware!!

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