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Re: Dissapointed: Dell's warranty parts are refurbished

"By comparison, I did not buy a new car to expect it to just last a year and if the car had a fault such as a engine noise the garage would not replace it with an old worn out but working engine rather than a brand new one with lots of life left to run...same thing applies....it does not matter one jot about small print....I have bought about 20 Dell PC's for home/work and this has opened my eyes and will make me think twice about parting with my hard earned cash to Dell again...."


If this is your criterion for computer purchases, you'll never buy another computer again - because ALL manufacturers use refurbished or "like new" replacement parts.

For that matter, if your car's engine fails, the manufacturer CAN and often WILL install a rebult engine  -- NOT a new one, so you'd never buy a new car, either.


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