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Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Factory Restore

I can't seem to find where to factory restore my new Dell Inspiron Mini 1010. The manual gives me steps for pressing F8 several times.. on boot to go to the Vista Advanced Boot Options and then selecting Repair Your Computer. Then blah blah blah click Dell Factory Image Restore. The only problem is, the dell inspiron mini 10's come with XP not vista... Why does the manual say vista? I've delt with Dell factory restores in the past. but this one has got me going in circles.

EDIT: January, 8th 2012

This post needs to be marked as solved or answered. It was officially over 2 years ago yet for some reason it keeps getting answered and being forwarded to my email. It's done, over... It was taken back 3 years ago, please do not respond to this post anymore. Thanks!