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Re: When will the XPS M1730 fully support Windows 7?

Yes, I have had A10 for probably 5 months. The only drivers not working are the base system and the code 43 with both my SLi graphics. I still have no NVIDIA Control Panel, I deleted all drivers and reinstalled the latest from NVIDIA's website. I have installed Ricoh. Everything installs and after I restart it just continues to have the same problem with the code 43 on my device manager. I am still on VGA graphics or w/e comes with the computer on integrated. I am not sure what else I can do. I have installed the Phsyx off of NVIDIA's website, but it says I have no drivers for that installed either. I see this when I select it from the start menu. Any more info you need from me to decide what could be wrong.

Thanks for the help.