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Re: When will the XPS M1730 fully support Windows 7?

Personally, I don't think there's a problem with the drivers that are available to your system.  It's sounding more like a corrupt install to me...

I suspect that the upgrade has something to do with the problem you are seeing.  I bet that if you were to install Win 7 64 to a formatted hard drive, and then follow the installation of drivers that I outlined in my original post, you would have success.  I no longer use OS upgrades because I have seen so much unexplained weirdness occur, and would always end up saving off the data and starting over with a clean install.

However, I can't 100 percent guarantee this will cure your woes, and don't want to cause you more problems than you currently have.  If it were me, I would install a new pair of hard drives configure them for RAID 0 (or RAID 1 if you prefer), and would install Win 7 to the clean drive.  That way, you would still have your original (albeit somewhat crippled) Win 7 installation on the original drives.  Sounds to me like you might be at the point of having to make this decision anyway...

I don't think there is any other advice I can give you beyond this.  Good luck, and if you think I can be of any additional help, let me know.

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