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Re: When will the XPS M1730 fully support Windows 7?

Good lord.  Dell just deleted my reposting of my transcript of my useless online chat with their support because it violated the ToS.  Sigh.  Anyway, I called the support number after getting nowhere with the online chat and found out that Dell is currently writing Windows 7 compatible drivers for the M 1730.  The gentleman that I spoke to said they should be out in the next two weeks.

I suggested that Dell do a better job of providing support information for systems that are not CURRENTLY on the Windows 7 HCL, but will be in the future.  He said that the information he gave me is new and it will be on the site soon.  He said that the M 1730 is compatible with Windows 7, but some drivers need to be updated (duh).

Furthermore, he said that Dell WILL support M 1730 hardware issues (i.e. a graphics card fails and needs to be replaced), even if Windows 7 is running on the system.

We'll see...

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