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Re: When will the XPS M1730 fully support Windows 7?


I keep seeing mention of calling Dell for help if they 'officially' supported Windows 7. Whether or not Dell adds the M1730 to that list, software support, including talking to them about drivers, is not included.

It has already been pointed out that Dell will warrant the hardware whether or not you have Windows 7 or not. As others have said, however, it is not unheard of to have Dell ask that the computer be put back to the way they sold it (Vista, in this case) to help them troubleshoot. That would be the case whether Windows 7 was on the supported list or not...

I guess my point is, whether it is on that list or not, I do not see any difference in how Dell will provide warranty services.

It seems you've found all you need to get your computer working under Windows 7... Enjoy it.

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