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Re: When will the XPS M1730 fully support Windows 7?

Heres how it went down. I reinstalled and made sure I did chipset first because yall said that. Next I dont remember but I think I did phsyx then 8800M GTX 186.81 driver. When I restarted I had same problem as before the clean OS. Next I uninstalled the drivers and installed the 195 beta driver. After restart, I had full functionality of Nvidia Control Panel and 1 card working. I restarted for another program I installed and on restart in the bottom right corner a message pops up and says you should use SLi its better. So, I went into the settings changed it to SLi grpahics and all was good for a little bit. I left my computer and came back to a black screen. I could not get it to work, so I manually turned it off. On load up it said there was some hardware failure or something like that. So, after I finally made it back to my desktop I was on VGA graphics again. I went back to the 195 beta driver and have left it just running 1 card for now because it doesnt screw my comp up. I have actually run MW2 on this computer and it only lags on high graphics in smoke screens.  Any other questions or ideas keep shooting, but I did read that others had problems with black screen on Sli 195.

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