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Re: Please HELP Permanent Fingerprints atop of my PINK STUDIO 1535

No one can protect a computer from wear and tear.  It will get scratched or scuffed when you use it, period.  What guarantee do you have that when you have a door dent repaired in your new car (at your expense;  no manufacturer will cover that), that a rock won't hit and damage the windshield next time, or that your son or daughter won't spill grape juice all over its grey upholstery?  Is it the car dealer's fault for not telling you that light grey isn't the ideal color for your car interior if you have children in the car?

If you don't want to deal with it a second time, you can:

As mentioned, cover the paint with something clear.  IT will take the marks, or

Buy a black cover that won't show dirt as easily.

The bottom line is that no manufacturer is going to cover cosmetic damage - you can take steps to minimize the problem, but the only sure way to prevent damage is the way a museum does - put the object in a glass case and look, but don't touch.



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