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Re: Please HELP Permanent Fingerprints atop of my PINK STUDIO 1535

I feel your pain.  I purchased my handsome, navy Dell 1737 laptop in August 09.  I noticed within just a few uses these never-seen-before (on any other laptop I've ever used) fingerprint smudges.  It's obvious the laptop cover (similar to a hard rubber type substance) grabs the natural oils from my hands and from there--they are trapped.  I have tried to remove them...but they won't budge.  Someone mentioned in a previous reply that this condition was a "cosmetic" wear & tear problem.  It's evident, (s)he does not own a laptop with this type of problem. 

If I can make a analagy...It would be similar to someone buying a new car at the dealership, expecting things to be every other car they've ever owned.  But, the next week, after driving the car in the during the day all week...they notice the sun's rays caused  the paint to chip off.  This too, is cosmetic, yet is not something you expect would happen under such "normal" circumstances.   We as consumers should not have to pay to fix a problem that happens with normal, everyday use.  This product must not have been tested with human hands prior to release.  Dell should come up with the solution and offer it to customers who paid for this product.

If you, or anyone else, knows how to resolve this problem--please pass it on. 


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