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Re: media direct codecs

Hi Gary09 .. Thanks for your reply ! I used to use Media Player Classic with XP Codec pack but now I use VLC media player.

It plays everything I have Without having to add Codec packs. (so does my Xbox 360, with the exception of .mp4 files) So, I know the files are not corrupt.

I wanted to use the media direct button built into my laptop because it loads Media Direct. without booting into Vista. (it actually flashes a XP boot screen when loading Media Direct)

I assume it would use less battery, only 1 of the 2 cores, slower fan speeds due to less heat, etc. (less resources in general)

This (edited for language) battery needs all the help it can get! LoL :emotion-5:

(edit) Forgot to mention, this is also a fresh install of the Media direct partition installed from the cd that came with the laptop.

(edit) If there is anything in violation of the TOS then please edit it, do not delete the whole post!

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