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re-installing drivers (video controller VGA compatible)

I re-installed the OS on my inspiron E1705 and then went about the long arduous task of reinstalling drivers and updates.  I can't get the video ones to work properly.  My video controller (VGA compatible) driver is not correct, and I can't find anything to fix it.  Also, my laptop now no longer has tha bility to sleep.  Any suggestions?



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Re: re-installing drivers (video controller VGA compatible)

When you reinstall an OS there is an order in which to reload system software and drivers that is listed HERE

If you did not then this can be a cause of your issues. You may have to reinstall the OS. But before you go that route try loading your Notebook system software in normal mode and the chipset in Safe Mode. These are the two most important  drivers. You will all the necessary drivers HERE.

Select your OS and then use your service tag to pare the list down to drivers particular to your particular system

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