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post windows reinstall...

Hi, i have a dell inspiron E1505, windows xp. i was recently infected with a virus that corrupted my system32/HAL file. when every method i knew and every other method online to safely recover without reinstalling failed, i decided to reinstall all of windows. after which i installed all the drivers available on my "drivers and utilities software." the laptop is functional at the moment. however, i have no wireless capabilities, it appears i can't even turn wifi on. under "Network Connection," in the control panel, WiFi is not an option. i checked Bios to see if wireless was enabled, it is. also my laptop is running perhaps 25% the speed that it used to. even scrolling down on a browser takes a very long time and when i type (especially when i delete) it seems almost like movie that is skipping frames.(perhaps a video driver mishap?)

i assume i skipped some step in the reinstallation process or i missed some extra driver i was suppose to pick up. if someone could please send some advice my way that would be very helpful and very much appreciated.

thank you,

-Dell E1505 User

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