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Dell Studio XPS 16 turns itself on and off at random

Hey, I recently bought one of the Studio XPS 16 laptops and I was wondering if anyone else has been having the same issue where it will suddenly turn itself on for no reason and without me touching it?

Like this morning I was in my room, I just back from the shower and I was getting changed when my laptop suddenly turned itself on without me touching it, and a few nights ago I woke up to find the white light on its side flashing -meaning at some point in the night it would have turned on and then after 30minutes of being unused it would have gone on to "sleep" mode. 

The other issue is that when I turn it back on from Hibernate, if I don't type my password fast enough or the facial recognition software doesn't recognize me within 20 seconds or so it will put itself on "Sleep" mode. It doesn't always do this, but its kind of annoying. Other than that the laptop is amazing and I love it. 

Has anyone else had this issue? And would it be a Windows 7 problem or Dell's fault?




I have phoned Dell Customer Support, which used that thing which allows them to take control of your computer and they showed me how to solve the issues. If you have Windows 7 follow these steps:


1. Left Click on the power icon at the bottom right of your start bar 

2. Click on "More Power Options" (or just search for "power options" on your start bar)

3. Click on "Change plan settings" on either Balanced or Power Saver (depending on which one you use)

4. Click on "Change advanced power settings"

5. Once your Power options panel opens, scroll down and select  "Sleep"

6. Click on "Allow Wake Timers" and then click on "Enable" and scroll down to select it as "Disable"

7. and now you're done!

I will update this post again if it turns out that this is not the solution and my laptop continues to switch itself on without me telling it to.



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