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Re: Screen flickering problem after Windows 7 upgrade

Is anyone still following these threads or still having this problem on their Studio XPS systems?

I've experienced similar problems, but its web page graphics on my Studio XPS 1640. The more complex the page, the more the images appear to "flicker" or refresh, but only during random usage, like in between boots or logons or switching from AC to battery. I seem to solve the problem sometimes by removing AC power cord if battery is fully charged, then log off and back on.

I've recently seen error messages like "FlashPlayer does not have 64 bit version available" when asked to download the latest from websites.

In March 2010, I found more info from DELL regarding 90w - 130w ac power cord and cpu "throttling" issues and updated BIOS etc. from DELL.

I'm still looking to solve this problem on my Studio XPS 1640 026B purchased OCT 2009 with vista home premium, new reinstall to Win7 64 bit in DEC 2009. It seems to be getting worse as web pages are becoming more complex. 

 DEC 2010




"I've had the same problem.  I think it's something to do with a clash between newer versions of windows and older versions of flash.  I fixed it by downloading the newest version of flash http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/ then after a restart everything was OK"

"Since installing my windows 7 upgrade I am experiencing the screen constantly flashing, more when something moves on the screen.  It's like looking at the screen with a flashing strobe light going off.  I went to the Dell download area and downloaded the newest video drivers (I think this may be the problem) for my system..  It worked until I shut my system down and restarted later on.  Now back to the constant screen flash/flicker.  Got any ideas of how to fix this?"

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