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Dell XPS M1530 Dead

Hey guys,

Wondering if i could get some help to save more poor XPS. First off its out of warranty had it for 3 years and this is its first problem.

I was out the other day and left my laptop on as usual and i came home to see it had restarted i logged back into and noticed it said it had recovered from a blue screen so i thought hmmm not a real biggy and closed the window thinking it would be fine, wrong! I looked at the blue screen error before i closed it but i cant for the life of me i cant remember what it said!

Anyway after that my computer started to freeze up and go real slow not being able to complete simple tasks, i had no option but to hit the off button on the laptop and turn it off as i had no access to keyboard as the computer just froze up and did not allow me to do anything, the mouse would move around etc but the system refused to do anything. Started it up in safe mode where it was running perfect and i done virus checks to make sure it was clean and nothing could be found besides some small cookies etc nothing that would hurt my system. In safe mode it run fast i could check emails do many tasks and the machine did not complain. I checked the system devices to see if anything was showing a red cross, ran a dos chkdsk to make sure my harddrive was fine and it show no issues.

Restarted back into windows and same problems freezing and laggy so i had to turn it off at the power button again. So this happened a couple times as i tried to debug the issue, then finally i found my original windows Vista disk and thought ok i will do a new install of windows in the morning, at this stage the computer had froze again mouse still moving around but the system came to a hault i switched it off from the power button and left it until the morning.

Next morning plugged it into the wall as i usually do, hit the power button and nothing, not a single light or sound, just silence. I took the ram out restarted the machine put ram back in, changed it over etc and nothing still. Opened it up and did not really know what to look for as im not a huge laptop tech. But from all my general debugging im now left with a machine that will not boot, will not even turn on, it wont even make a sound.

The hard drive is out and i have plugged it into my new Alienware machine and it seems to be in perfect condition so its not a hard drive issue, can someone give me some information on what i should be looking for, is my motherboard dead, is the power supply in the laptop dead, what can i look for and what should i do. What people need to understand is, the machine is 100% dead i have no lights no sound, its not a battery issue causes it pluged into the wall, the wall plug lights up green to tell me its working so its not a plug issue either. I have no issues pulling it apart and playing around in there as my harddrive is safe and that was the main concern.

This all happened after a blue screen occured a couple days before the death of my machine, so im guessing its some sort of hardware issues. Before this problem i have nothing but joy from this machine this is its first problem in 3 years, the techs here in Japan dont wanna know about my machine causes it in english and out of warranty and the techs i called in Australia knew less about computers then i did and just wasted my time and said take it to a local pc shop.


Any help would be appreciated thanks!!!

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