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Inspiron 1520 Start Up Issues

I bought an Inspiron 1520 in 2008 (Vista 32bit Home OS) and have recently began having start up issues.  When I initially boot up my PC the log-in screen comes up fine, I can type in my password, hit enter and it moves on.  However, it will load my desktop but as soon as I go to click on anything (My Computer, "Start", anything) it will just sit there.....and sit there....and sit there....The screen will flash a couple times and eventually fade to a white screen where it sits idle and makes zero advances.

I ran "chkdsk" along with every diagnostic test I could get my hands on.  I received the following error codes: "0142", "0F00:0244"

Last night I ran the repair utility after booting the OS disk from the CD Drive and it said it found some corrupt data that it had repaired.  I have not had a chance to see if that has solved the problem.

I apologize for my nievete, but can someone help me with what the issue might be and possible solutions?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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