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Just installed Windows XP on my Inspiron 600m. Need help with drivers installation


My hard drive crashed so I installed XP from the CD that Dell sent. Then when Windows started I inserted the Dell Resource CD, but couldn't find my system model. I think it only had Desktop system Models. Now i'm guessing I should just install them from the Dell website.

My questions:

1. How necessary is it to install any drivers at all?

2. Can I just install them by going to Device Manager and updating drivers for each hardware?

3. Should I install anit-virus before double clicking on internet explorer and setting up an Internet Connection so I can install Drivers from Dell.com?

4. Should I install all the drivers listed for my service tag? There are two or more for some things, but I don't know which one is the correct one, since my warranty has expired and it doesn't tell me which hardware I have.

Thank you!

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