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Re: Just installed Windows XP on my Inspiron 600m. Need help with drivers installation

1.   XP only installs bare-bones drivers - assuming it even has them for all your hardware in the first place.   You won't get the full use of the hardware unless you install the specific drivers for them.

2.  If you mean using Windows Update, not a good idea.  Microsoft's database isn't complete, plus it isn't always correct for Dell-specific hardware.   Best to do it from Dell.

3.  You could, but Windows Firewall should be sufficient as long as you don't wander anywhere else.  However, it's possible you won't have a working internet connection without the drivers in the first place.

Since it seems you're on another computer now, you could just download the drivers you need to that one, then copy them over with a USB flash drive.   Just don't select the Download Manager to download the files - do them one at a time with the Browser Download option.   You can even rename the files if you want - e.g., chipset, audio, video, etc.

4.  Depends on what's actually listed.   Dell includes drivers, BIOS, firmware, utilities, and applications on that page - if all you need is drivers, just select drivers.  

There is a recommended order to install drivers - follow that to make sure everything gets identified correctly.   Note you won't have everything on that list - just skip whatever you don't have:



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