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Re: XPS m1530 gaming problems

I know that this is old but I figure I would post the answer to this since I have seen this question a lot during Google searches. I too have an M1530 and had similar problems. The laptop will run hot, but fine, during surfing the web etc. but playing games or putting it under any stress would cause it to shutdown. I dl'd a temperature program and found that the core was getting up to 99 degrees Celcius and then shutting the system down. It would climb from 55 ~ 60 C up to 99 in mere seconds. More research revealed that this laptop has a tendency to have the air vents clogged. I removed the bottom and took out the fan unit to find it completely clogged with hair/dust. The heat sync was also fried to a crisp, crumbling off. I cleaned out the airways and applied new heatsync goo to the cpu and gpu (there marked) and then put everything back together. Now during high load games, the machine will never get hotter then 68 C. Also, the GPU and CPU are throttled depending on the temp of the pc. The hotter it gets, the worse it will run. Clean out the airways, apply new heat sync, and download ThrottleStop, and your M1530 will run like a champ. It also wouldn't hurt to spend 20 bucks on an external laptop cooler (get one with a fan to move the air).