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Re: Precision M6500 touchpad jumps left a few inches when moving finger right

Given that everyone seems to claim the same thing; "It works perfectly fine when you have newly booted up and then gets worse as you go." I would be very surprised if it is actually a hardware issue that can be solved by swapping parts.  Hardware is generally either working or broken.  This problem smells of bad drivers to me.  And it would appear from this thread that these machines are still being shipped this way today.   

It's not graphics card related because I don't have the ATi card.

It's not Jog Shuttle software related because a few of us have turned this off and had no change.

It's not correctable with new drivers or Windows Updates or bios updates because I have everything up to current. 

And it's not third party software related because the first time I got this problem was about 20 minutes after I unboxed it when I had only ever run MSIE and never even had a DVD in the brand new drive yet.

And it's not USB peripheral related because I don't run anything else plugged into the machine.

And it's not operating system related because I am on Win7 64 and the guy who started the thread is on XP.


I am running the fingerprint reader and this sucker was particularly buggy to get running correctly and it was the first thing I set up after power up.

Does anybody have the touchpad problem and NOT have the fingerprint reader?

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