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Re: Precision M6500 touchpad jumps left a few inches when moving finger right


Today, I spoke with a few managers at Dell on this issue, and given that both my original computer and my replacement had the same issue, and that all of you are reporting the same problem, they are going to examine my original computer with their engineers to find a solution to the problem.

I sent out the computer for testing today. In the interim, they cited two potential causes, neither of which seem to be the cause on my machine: one is related to software settings (both I and others on this forum have tried changing all the settings like sensitivity, jog shuttle, etc.), and the other is related to BlueTooth interference. My computer does not have BlueTooth, so this does not appear to be the issue either.

I'm glad that they're going to investigate this problem further. I'd like to request all of your help in this issue. The tricky thing about it is that it is sporadic. I tried to identify what factors were causing the periods of unpredictable mouse behavior, but could not find a consistent cause.


- The problem appears at irregular intervals, and is not triggered by any specific application or external device connection.

- The problem appears randomly in different manifestations: Sometimes, when moving the pointer in one direction, the cursor jumps in the opposite direction. Other times, it doesn't detect any input and the cursor remains stationary.

- I noticed a couple times that it seems to be the left side of the touchpad that is the least responsive when the problem occurs

- It is not fixed by exiting all applications

- It is not fixed by updating to the latest drivers

- It is not fixed by changing any of the touchpad software settings

- It is not fixed by cleaning the touchpad

- It is not fixed by plugging / unplugging an external mouse

- It is not caused by BlueTooth interference (my computer doesn't have BlueTooth)

- The problem occurs both on Windows 7 64-bit Professional and Windows XP 64-bit Professional

- I have not determined whether the problem disappears after a restart.


Can all of you help detail your cases? I'm sure the Dell engineering team can use whatever info they can get on this issue. Again, it's tricky because it appears to occur randomly.


I am making sure that Dell is aware of this thread, so your posts will not be a waste of time.


Thanks everybody.


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