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Can someone please stop my run around?? Fried hard drives...

Hi there!

I'm wondering if someone can help me. My hard drive fried out at the beginning of March. Got a new one under warranty and it fried this week (25 days later)... Dell is sending another new one to me. I've now spent $166 to renew my warranty because I think I now have a lemon.

How long will we keep sending parts back and forth? Will they just fix the problem? I've read on several forums computers coming back cracked and not well cared for while out for service. Or it taking forever to come back. Will these things happen to me?

My original hard drive got thrown away by the installer and now Dell wants me to pay for replacement part. One rep said I should have read my warranty manual, while I asked why wouldn't the tech person just tell me?? After all my calls, an operator said that she would talk to her supervisor about my situation to see if in this instance my paying for the part could be waived - of course I've heard nothing back. I also have not heard back as to what the part even costs (aka how much has a simple hard drive been marked up).

I've asked all customer reps to really weigh the cost of waiving a hard drive fee vs. my never ordering Dell again and making sure NO ONE around me does either. Of course, no response.

Does anyone care to help me?

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