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Re: Can someone please stop my run around?? Fried hard drives...

Wow - super perceptive aren't you? Obviously reading between lines isn't one of your strengths... I'll be super explicit and use small words so that you can get it (let me guess, your male?):

Perhaps I'm frustrated with the 3 days of calling to see what exactly I owe

Or maybe it's with the dozens of transfers to see if my HT people can vouch for me

Or even the fact that it's taken over 200 cell minutes of holding, talking to foreigners, etc

Could it even have been that both times I called to return my product, no one mentioned (in broken English) that I was to return anything? Since I didn't reference the website, I was counting on the tech reps to fill me in.

I bet my frustration might even stem from the fact that the hard drive has blown twice in 3 weeks...


**Try to read closely; the title was "help me stop my run around." You, obviously, were of no help. Suggestions for response include: why hard drive might be frying, how much the original would cost to replace, how to get to an American to talk to me, etc

Better luck next time!


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