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Re: Studio XPS 16 Wifi options

Yes the problem with Dell, especially Dell Canada is often they just put the model number of the component on the  site then put nothing else on there.  That's fine for items like Intel's Advance-N 6200 or the Ultimate-N 6300 where you can get info else, but not so useful for Dell branded components like the 1501.

Even worse is that what component is available changes from time to time on Dell Canada's site.  Some times there's no choice and the 1501 is preselected, other times you get the choice between the crummy 1501,  the better 6200, and the top of the line 6300.  Same thing with the LCD panel choices, sometimes the FHD was available, sometimes, not so much.  It got so annoying, I just gave up trying to figure it out and just went for something else.

About the Wifi card, for a bit more the 6300 is worth it.  While the 6200 can do 5GHz band as well it's a 2x2 system with 2 antennae.  The 6300 is a 3x3 card with 3 antennae, which may not improve transfer rates (a compatible router needed) much, but it does have the potential to increase gain.  Plus it ensures your system is pre-wired with 3 antennae rather than 2 (cards can be changed, but installing another antenna would be a pain).

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