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Studio 1558 BIOS Recovery

Hello and sorry for my english

Yesterday i tried upgrade bios in my dell studio 1558, from version A05 to A06. I downloaded right file, extracted it, and run. It started without problems, but in the middle of programming 57 block from 83, Windows(7 x86_64) hanged and didin't react to keyboard or mouse, after one hour waiting and looking in frozen screen I deciced to remove battery and unplug AC. When I plugin AC and power on my laptop, dvd-rom starts, hdd spins, but lcd are black (backlight not turning on).

I know that this situation is bad, very bad and probably I must call to service and they send a man with new motherboard (I bought laptop 1.5 month ago :/).


Today I'm googling and I was found few pages where was written something about bios recovery in dell laptops. One page is at(on??) this forum:

I want ask, is it safety and works?

Someone wrote that it helped him with 1557... and maybe help me with 1558.

My Studio 1558 has: i5 430m, ddr3 4GB, ati 5470, phoenix bios

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