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Re: Studio 1558 BIOS Recovery

After a lot of research I have found a method that allows you to downgrade BIOS without requiring any MS-DOS. I want to thank Racer25X who had posted this on the net dated August 11, 2009, time 09:03 PM. I have a Dell Studio 1558 i720 quad core and I had updated the BIOS from A05 to A06. The upgrade did not go well and my laptop froze. I had to take the battery out and unplug the power cord and then reinstate the battery etc. I also felt that the A06 was not working as good as A05 as the temperature of the CPU with A06 remained higher compared to A05. I also observed the GPU was working more with A05 than with A06. Therefore, I started researching how to downgrade to A05.

I would like to tell you that I have successfully downgraded to A05. Here is the process.

1. Run the BIOS file that you want to downgrade to. If you want to come down from A06 to A05 run the A05 file

2. Once you get the error message saying that "you can't downgrade" IGNORE it  i.e. DON'T PRESS THE "OK" BUTTON

3. Open the windows explorer and go to the directory where WINPHLASH temporarily stores the BIOS files

4. Copy all the files to a new location, for example I copied them in C:\BIOS

5. Click the "OK" prompt and let it disappear. Make note of the BIOS file WinPhlash is asking. You will need the name of the file when you reach step 11.

6. Go back to the C:\BIOS folder or the folder where you copied and saved the files

7. Open the file that says "phlash" not the text file but the file that has the "configuration settings" related to "phlash"


9. Save the changes

10. From the save directroy C:\BIOS run the file WinPhlash.exe (as an ADMINISTRATOR)

11. The program will ask you where the BIOS file is stored. Browse to C:\BIOS and select the appropriate file (see Step 5)

12. Open the "Advanced Settings" box and in the tab labelled "Flags" uncheck "Flash only if BIOS version is newer than system"

13. Click OK on the WinPhlash program. Before doing that makesure that the program is pointing to the BIOS file as mentioned in step 5.

All the best.

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