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Re: Dell 1555, dpc latency pops - gone in Linux


Hello Dave,

I guess you have read the 1737 DPC latency thread. Someone in that thread mentioned in October that Ubuntu fixes the issue (thanks for confirming that), and also that "hackintosh" operating systems work too because they do not have DPC which is strictly a Windows thing.


The person who kept saying that Dell would be fixing the issue in a BIOS update was our old liaison, Bill B. Bill has since left the boards and his replacements have been keeping a low profile to put it mildly. If I were you I would discount any possibility that Dell will fix the issue. They have moved on imo and everyone should take the hint and move on too. That is my opinion. Try posting in the 1737 thread to see what they think. Although it is mainly about that model the 1555 was mentioned a few times too.


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