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Re: Buying Dell XPS-15(T510705MY)

I'm heavy gamer. 90% games run on Win7 so you shouldn't worry about that:emotion-1: there are problems with few games for example StarCraft 2. After running the game the coursor is frozen in the main menu. (changing font size to default resolved the problem). You should always use google to find out a proper solution to make the game compatible with Win7.


also problem with Gears of War, but remember there is always solution fir any game to run on Win7:emotion-1: a present time using XP on laptop with Core i7 and RAM between 4-16Gb doesn't make sens...

Win7 is far better then XP as per gaming (I'm using both). Like any other system Win7 needs to be properly optimized. A lot of services can be turned off, you don't need them:emotion-2:

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