Latitude D610 Windows 7 Audio

Hello everyone.Hopefully someone can really help me out as soon as possible but ofcourse no rush...but seriously its killing me lol


Anyway the main problem is the Audio and I believe the Video Card as well. I got a computer for a gift from my teacher who happens to work with computers and etc. He gave me this laptop, Latitude D610. He told me he installed Windows 7 on here and I checked the compatibility for my model and the test said it was compatible. But for some reason it keeps saying,"No Audio Output Is Installed." So I searched and searched my computer and it says my Multimedia Audio Controller was there which should signify I have the audio driver installed from the site.(Correct me if I'm wrong) So I clicked on the volume icon to see if it would correct the problem and it sent me to the site to download the "updated version".  I went to the Dell site and I downloaded the audio driver for my laptop but I already have all the drivers apparently. I've checked everything and it says there are no updated drivers for my Model Laptop. I tried uninstalling Windows 7 but I believe you need the disk. And I tried installing Windows XP once again, but once again I need the disk. But I don't have it. AND what makes matters worse is I'm overseas so I dont have any access.

If possible can someone please tell me a way to get Audio and Video if possible..

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