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Re: Problem: video driver restarts; system: Latitude E6510, i7-720, FHD (1920x1080 display), 3100M, Win7Pro x64,

I've done all the "easy" software and firmware updates with no changes in the symptom, so the Unisys (Dell) field service engineer is replacing the motherboard even as I type (using my desktop computer 😉 ). I didn't realize what a big deal it is -- dozens of tiny screws and many small subassemblies have to be carefully removed and reinstalled.

If this doesn't fix it, the next step will be a full reinstall of Win7 from scratch, but leaving out as many of Dell's add-on features as possible. 😞

A rather detailed description of the issue (video driver hanging and having to be restarted) and the many possible things that can cause it, along with some possible remedies, is on the Nvidia forum. See



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