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Re: Problem: video driver restarts; system: Latitude E6510, i7-720, FHD (1920x1080 display), 3100M, Win7Pro x64,

Except for my interactions with the Unisys tech, all of my contacts with Dell have been by email. primarily so that there would be no misunderstandings, but also because it's an annoying but not catastrophic problem, and I didn't think it warranted any urgency.

I saw no diagnostic failures, either, I then did all of the firmware and driver updates that they told me to do, but the problem persisted. The person at Dell then said to have the motherboard replaced. I subsequently tried a few other "obvious" software changes before actually having the board replaced, but none of them helped, either. Most recently, a couple of glitches happened at night when I left the system powered on but "idle". (I put idle in quotes because there are a surprising number of system services running, although they don't do much most of the time.)

There haven't been any glitches since the motherboard was replaced this morning, but it often has run several days without glitching, so that doesn't mean anything.


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