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Re: Does fan problems affect Studio 15 with Core i5?

Thanks for your reply.

Anyway, I read that while Studio line can play most recent games, its first intent should not be gaming. Graphic card in higher laptops like Studio XPS or Alienware have better performances.

I don't plan to play a lot too. (Like, actually, the only game I play now is... Windows 7's Mahjjong.) But I am very interested in OS virtualization, and I plan to do some. I know a laptop is not the best machine designed to do virtualization, but as I would use it at school and at home (I study in IT, so I need something that works both at school and at home), a laptop is the most manageable solution. But I guess that, like gaming, virtualizing 2 or 3 OSes at the same time would stress the laptop.

That's the main reason why I'm really interested in air cooling and noise emission produced by laptops, before I invest my money in a new one.

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