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Are there any GPU/CPU(temperature/memory) installed or compatible with Alienware M17x laptop?

Hi guys, I would first like to appologize if this is in the incorrect I originally tried posting in the dedicated Alienware section [ http://en.community.dell.com/owners-club/alienware/default.aspx ] but was fed a lot of errors! Anyways - I'm wondering if their are any default programs included in Windows 7 64 bit / Alienware M17x [Nvidia 260M SLI configuration] included out of the box? I'm not entirely computer versed with all the different software on the market - but I consider myself a 'hardcore' gamer, and having just spent a little under 3,000 dollars on a new laptop I would like to monitor the heat and usage of the GPU and CPU specifically. I've recently been playing Civilization 5 and it seems to be heating my computer up a bit more-so then usual and was looking for a better and more precise way of monitoring it.


I had posted on the Civilization 5 tech support forums first but they told me to download all drivers(not sure how to do all that, Alienware support usually does it when I call) and that was it. They also said there is an issue with Nvidia and something about the SLI not being included in the driver or something - something else I don't quite understand. Any help would be greatly appreciated, sorry again if this is in the incorrect section and thanks in advance!

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