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Re: Are there any GPU/CPU(temperature/memory) installed or compatible with Alienware M17x laptop?

I'm sorry if I didn't specify - I was looking for Tempeture monitoring[shows on screen/ingames the current temp the gpu/cpu is at] mainly; I've heard of speedfan and some ATI one and a few others on Google. I wanted to make sure there wasn't a built in monitor included with Windows or Alienware software before I downloaded a third party aplication. I'm very aware of the increasing heat of components as more stress is placed on them - which is my main reason for requesting a manual monitoring tool(don't really care about fan controls or the like) - just needs to be able to work with the Nvidia 260M SLI cards I have.


What I meant by 'it's heating up more then usual' is they are heating up a lot more then all of my other games. I've got 50 or so titles from all generes, publishes, etc installed and most seem to run the fans and stay around the same heat. While Civ5 and FFXIV seem to be running quite a bit higher(noticeable heat for sure) then my other programs, so I wanted to see by how much.


I'm also looking for a way to see if my SLI is working correctly - I have SLI/PhysX enabled in the Nvidia control panel, but reading support forums for some games(Civilization 5 and Final Fantasy XIV especially) I've heard that SLI isn't being run properly or at all(because of drivers or something) and is putting all the stress on one card.


Thanks for the quick response!

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