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Re: Are there any GPU/CPU(temperature/memory) installed or compatible with Alienware M17x laptop?

If you think your equipment is running too hot, then fan control is important because it lets you increase the airflow.

I think the best way to find out if SLI actually is working is to measure the performance with both at an appropriately high screen resolution, and then to disable (or remove) one of the cards and measure the performance again. By "measure the performance" I mean do three things:

1. run one or more of the standard graphics throughput tests

2. run the tests built into your favorite games

3. play your favorite game at a familiar intense scene and "feel" how responsive it is.

If you aren't seeing any problems, don't worry about the ones that other people are seeing. There are just too many differences among systems, both hardware and software, any of which could be the cause.

Nvidia is always improving its drivers, so check their site regularly and make sure the most recent certified driver from their Web site is installed on your system. You might try their most recent beta if you're feeling up to it, but betas sometimes introduce more problems than they fix.

(I wouldn't trust any beta driver downloaded from any other site.)

I hope these suggestions help a little.

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