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Re: Are there any GPU/CPU(temperature/memory) installed or compatible with Alienware M17x laptop?

"Nvidia is always improving its drivers, so check their site regularly and make sure the most recent certified driver from their Web site is installed on your system."


Should I use the drivers on Nvidia's site or from Alienwares(which redirects to dell.support.com)? I have an Alienware laptop so I always assumed that since the hardware contained is fairly common(since you can't have just anything isntalled in a laptop) that the drivers from here would be better supported for my system then the ones on Nvidia's website.


Also is their a resource(article, guide, etc) as to what would be the easiest way to check all of my hardware drivers if they are up to date or do I have to manually go through each piece of hardware and compare the date/names of the drivers to the websites?

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