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Re: Are there any GPU/CPU(temperature/memory) installed or compatible with Alienware M17x laptop?

Whether or not you need to use only the drivers provided on the Alienware site, well, "it depends".

It used to be that laptop graphics chips always needed additional proprietary chipsets in order to integrate with each vendor's different laptop hardware designs. That meant that only that vendor's graphics drivers would work. That's often not the case with modern laptops. For example, I found that the Nvidia driver for the 3100M that's in my Dell Latitude works fine, and is quite a bit newer than the driver provided on Dell's site. As best I can tell, for Latitude laptops Dell simply packages Nvidia's installer inside their own installer. Whether or not that's the case for the Alienware product line, I dunno.

(I used Nvidia's newer driver in an attempt to fix some display glitches. Screen updates would pause for about a second or so several times a day, and several times a week the pause was long enough that Win7 would force a restart of the video driver. The graphics driver update made no difference. I finally did a full reinstall of Win7 with only the drivers I actually needed, and the problem went away.)

Sorry, I don't think Dell has an automated driver update notification service, although I'd like to learn otherwise. You'll have to visit the Website to see what's available. Sometimes updates include desirable new features, but its usually better not to do updates unless you need to. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

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