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Re: e6410 built-in webcam


I am having the same problem as the users above. I tried the steps you outlined above, however, when I went to device manager, my computer does not even list a "Imaging devices" option. I know for a fact that I have an integrated microphone and webcam, as I used it last week when my computer was operating using Windows XP. It was when I upgraded to Windows 7 that I have been unable to record audio or video using the microphone or webcam. It seems as though the computer is not recognizing the existence of the mic or the webcam, and I have tried installing the drivers for both from the Dell website and I receive an error message that states "Could not find an integrated Webcam" when I try and install the webcam driver. As for the microphone, I tried installing the IDT driver but I don't know if this is the correct drive to install the mic. Any suggestions?

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