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Unfortunately they may be no drivers available for the webcam with Windows 7.  With our systems that ship with Windows 7 the webcams are designed to use the native webcam driver built into Win 7.  If this is a system that shipped before Win 7 came out, then the webcam may not have a compatible driver at all with Win 7.  If your system shipped with Vista then there is a chance that the Vista driver may work, so that is one thing that I can suggest that you try.  If there is a Vista version of Webcam Central for your system try that.  

If you have a newer system, but a business model that shipped with Windows XP but is fully compatible with Win 7 then you shouldn't have to install a driver. If you do have an E6410 as the others in this thread, then you can try running diagnostics to see if the webcam is detected.  Start the system tapping F12 and choose diagnostics. Allow the basic tests to complete, you may be asked to run memory tests, choose no, and choose yes for hardware tests.  Choose symptom tree and then choose problem with USB device and see if the webcam is detected and if there are any problems.

When you reply please do include if you have a E5410 or some other model, and the results of the diagnostics if you were able to run the USB tests.


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